Scotsman remembers Edenvale fondly

“Mitch, as I remember, had a moustache and he made films, probably on Super 8 or 16mm, with the children from the crèche, and I recall being in at least one of them, a ghost story where I recall playing possibly a ghostly child.”

Thank you NEWS

If that was beneath the left hand side of Herman Road with sufficient inlets there would be no flooding this rainy season.

“Billboards can’t be blamed for poor driving” – resident

EDITOR – In the article Residents Furious About Chopped Trees, councillor Jill Humphreys is quoted as saying: “I honestly believe that the number of accidents on the Gillooly’s interchange, which is the busiest in the country with so many splits, is undoubtedly due to confusion and being distracted by monstrous billboards.” I find her statement…

How to deal with cameras

Both of us have noticed the camera flashing when we have stopped at the traffic light, it is obviously faulty.

And the fight rages on

I want to ask you, are we really free or are we still prisoners of our circumstances?

Time management for teens

JOBURG – Udersh S. Mahesh, BSc Engineering, offers some advice on how teens should manage their time.