KRRA looks back at 2017’s achievements

“Next year we aim to consolidate some of the incredible gains we have made and would encourage Kensingtonians of all walks of life to participate and make their voices heard.”

Police achievers honoured

Officers from across the Ekurhuleni West Cluster were honoured for their achievements at the cluster’s annual Excellence Awards at Carnival City last Friday.

EMM to repair service road

“The service road is not a formally constructed road. The tar which covers it is only a temporary surface.”

Shopping centre speaks out about theft at cinema

“I am usually quite paranoid about leaving my handbag on the floor, but never thought that being in the back row would be a problem, as there was a wall behind us as well.”

Farewell, Mr D

KENSINGTON– Jeppe boys headmaster retires.

Mchunu wants to help youth get off the streets

DENVER – Most of the youngsters stand on corners and smoke drugs around this ward. I want to build sports facilities and to get the youngsters off the streets.