Camera project’s success depends on support

Edenvale Community Policing Forum (ECPF) appealed to the community for greater support of the town’s camera project.

The project started at the end of July and has seen 17 specialised crime prevention cameras installed with the support of the community and partnerships with 13 security companies and Edenvale City Improvement District (ECID).

“The project has been going well so far but it can only work if the community is 100 per cent behind it,” said project head Michael Anderson, who also leads the Edenvale Neighbourhood Watch.

“By the end of the project, we hope to have 100 cameras operating throughout Edenvale to cover the entire town, including entry and exit points.

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“Each camera costs R20 000 which includes the camera cost, installation and a year’s monitoring.”

Through the project, six vehicles connected to criminal activities were recovered.

Anderson initially thought the community would be excited about the project.

“But funds have been coming in slowly. The cameras won’t just help Edenvale but the whole of SA as the police will be able to share intelligence about criminals and eventually create a database,” said Anderson.

Michael Anderson pleads with Edenvale community members to support the camera project.

“We need to stay one step ahead of criminals and this project will help us. Police are supporting this project.”

The ECPF partnered with various businesses and sold bags of charcoal to raise funds.

Members also attended the most recent Horwood’s Farm Family Market to create awareness and encourage community support.

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At the August market, the forum raised over R10 000.

“The September market only raised R42. We have begged and pleaded. In Edenvale, there are about 25 000 households. If each were to give R100 we would have enough money,” said Anderson.

“We understand residents are feeling financial pressure but we will appreciate any amount they can spare.”

If residents are unable to assist financially they can assist the project by giving their time in identifying fund-raising ideas and being part of the fund-raising initiatives.

Contact Anderson on 082 376 2472.

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