Victoria Yards heaven for creative minds

Victoria Yards in Bertrams officially opened its gates on September 2.

The 30 000m² of industrial space has been transformed into a small village where artisans, musicians, artists and the community can come together to share skills and trade.

Community members came in numbers to see what it had to offer.

The place was buzzing with different people who came together to appreciate art and enjoy good food.

Victoria Yards offers a special experience to know where the product comes from and how it’s made.

“We want to share skills and knowledge to those who want to learn. At the same time, we want the community to benefit by selling their products,” said Tumi Moroeng from Makers Valley Collective.

Local artists showcased their work and also provided the entertainment.

“Victoria Yards aims to empower the surrounding community through the skills development of artisans, and wants to ensure that the facilities are accessible and inclusive,” said Moroeng.

Kensington based artist Gail Scott Wilson with a fellow artist showcased their photography work at the official launch of Victoria Yards on September 2.

Tshepo the jeans maker is a residential artist at Victoria Yards.

Tumi Moroeng from Makers Valley Collective poses next to a telephone booth at one of the galleries.


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