Pietersen responds to Bruma residents’ accusations

The Bruma North Residents Association is demanding service delivery in the area.

“After two years of the City of Joburg being led by the DA, things have gone from bad to worse. Ward 118 Clr Neuren Pietersen has done nothing to resolve the problems in our area. As a community, we are actually getting more done,” said Valda Gossmann, chairperson of the Bruma North Residents Association.

She said residents are frustrated and don’t know what to do or who to report problems to.

Gossmann said service delivery concerns include road markings, drains not being cleaned, the illegal taxi rank in Bruma, tree removal, vagrants and windscreen washers.

“There is a number of issues that need to be attended to that involve different departments, from Joburg Roads Agency, City Parks and JMPD. When work is done, it’s either half done or not done properly. There is no quality control or inspection,” said Gossmann.

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“Pietersen hosts meetings that have not produced any results. We keep on discussing the same problems in meetings with no change. Instead, we add new problems to the list and nothing ever gets done. Stakeholders get invited but never give answers,” said Gossmann.

“Pietersen has been in this role for two years. I can understand that in the first six months, one can blame your predecessors, but you cannot always use this as an excuse. He must take ownership of the ward,” said Gossmann.

In 2017 the EXPRESS reported about the Pietersen’s plans for the ward.

He then said residents will receive service delivery and highlighted some of the DA’s priorities which included:

• To encourage urban regeneration.

• Promote economic development and investment activity.

• Upgrade informal settlements.

• Improve service delivery performance and develop a service delivery culture.

• Improve residents’ safety by increasing the number of police officers.

• Reform the public transport model.

Pietersen responds

Pietersen commented that one of the primary goals of the DA-coalition government in Johannesburg is service delivery.

“I will take the city inspector on a drive through Bruma to record all the issues on the Bruma residents’ list.

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“Once this is done it can be entered on the SAP system and thereby be tracked,” explained Pietersen.

He requested residents to use the call centre (011 375 5555) and to ensure they receive a reference number whereby outstanding issues may be tracked.

“I did not make promises to residents. I only committed to following up on issues.

“I will categorically state that no promises are made by myself as a councillor. All I am able to do is commit to do follow-ups or raise the issue with the executive.

“In many cases, this had already been done by the residents. I will keep residents informed as and when developments arise,” commented Pietersen.

“Requests for meetings with residents are entertained and complied with if I am not required to be at another official engagement,” explained Pietersen.

Whip for Development Planning Portfolio Annette Deppe, who has been attending some of the meetings, said she understands the residents’ frustrations.

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“But attacking the councillor will not help residents. We are reliant on officials to give us input. Remember this is a historical matter that has never been dealt with by the councillors’ predecessors.

“I have written to the department to get our questions resolved. I have asked the councillor to set up a new date even if we do not have all the answers yet where all the stakeholders will also be invited,” said Deppe.

Pietersen said when residents report service delivery complaints, they must keep the reference numbers when reporting problems to the following entities:

• Joburg Water, email customerservice@jwater.co.za

• City Power, log using your mobile device: http://citypower.mobi

• Joburg Roads Agency, email hotline@jra.org.za or if urgent call 0860JOBURG – option 5

• City Parks, call 0860JOBURG – Option 0 and then if possible send an email to jcp@jhbcityparks.com with details of the request.

• Billing queries, visit Thuso House in Stiemens Street, opposite the Metro Buildings in Braamfontein.

• All other City of Joburg queries, call 0860JOBURG or visit www.joburg.org.za

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