Tips for painting your ceiling

When people paint a room in their home, they often forget about the “fifth wall” – the ceiling.

While white is the traditional colour that people use to paint their ceilings, there are many other colours that can have different effects on your room.

Choosing to paint your ceiling white is a classic and safe choice. It also means that you will only need to repaint it every few years.

If you decide to paint your ceiling the same colour as the rest of the walls, this will add a comfortable and complete finish to the room.

If you want to paint the fifth wall the same as the rest, but feel it will be too much, you can alter the ceiling colour to be few shades lighter, or darker, than the walls. You will still get the soothing feeling of a unified space, with a touch of depth and dimension.

Painting the ceiling a few shades lighter will make the area feel bigger and airier. Choosing a darker colour will add a cosier feeling to the room, this is a good idea for rooms where you relax, bedrooms and bathrooms.

For a touch of character and contrast, try painting your ceiling a completely different colour to your walls. This especially looks good when your walls are white., it will add a statement to your room.


If you are painting the entire room then you start with the ceiling and work your way down. If you are only painting your ceiling use tape to prevent accidently painting the walls. Remember when you are painting the ceiling some of the paint will drip on the floor, make sure to cover floors and furniture properly.

The next step is to choose a matte or gloss finish. A matte finish will hide any imperfections but gloss paint will catch light, making the room feeling lighter and brighter.

Using a roller brush is the best choice for ceiling painting, a short roller will prevent you from bending in difficult positions, making painting a bit more comfortable and putting less strain on your body.

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