Olympia takes a 7-2 victory

Olympia claimed victory against neighbouring Edenvale’s u-9 team in a league match on July 22.

The two local u-9 teams went head-to-head at the Edenvale Sports Grounds.

Tammy Ashcroft, the manager of the Olympia team, said the Saturday game was fun for all.

Olympia won 7-2.

Last year Olympia was fourth on the log.

“Our boys play with so much heart and to see them grow the way they have, makes us as parents very proud,” said Tammy.

So far Olympia has won 16 games in a row.

An u – 9 player from Olympia showing off his skill in the July 22 match against Edenvale.

An Edenvale player moves in an attempt to take possession from Olympia.

An under – 9 player from Edenvale Football Club moves to keep possession as an Olympia player moves in to take the ball.

Stephan Lehman

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