Urban renewal through colour

Natalie Rosner and Scott Cocking of Street HeArt Africa.

A couple who resides in Bruma, Natalie Rosner and Scott Cocking, started Street HeArt Africa, a non-governmental organisation that gives art back to the community, through painting.

Rosner said the idea of painting came after they frequently drove around and noticed blank walls.

“We found large walls and asked for permission to paint and spray paint murals on them,” said Rosner.

She said they looked for walls in areas that needed some colour and a revamp.

“After a few months, we went back to the areas where we had painted walls and realised that the people in these communities were cleaning the areas around the murals,” said Rosner.

“The communities would thank us continuously and beg for us to come and paint more walls for them. We were taken aback by the fact that what we had painted was changing other people’s lives and uplifting the communities.

It got to a point where the Department of Health in Wemmerpan contacted us and asked us if we could join their clean-up project in the south,” Rosner added.

Last year, the NGO started to work with the Department of Health on a few events and Rosner said they have seen a dramatic change in communities.

Although they are Bruma residents, they travel all over South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho.

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