City Power addresses power outages in Bertrams and surrounds

Ward 66 councillor Carlos Da Rocha.


Ward 66 has been experiencing weekly power outages over the past few months.

The ward comprises Bertrams, Bezuidenhout Valley, Observatory East, Bellevue East, part of Kensington and sections of Troyeville.

Although Ward 66 councillor Carlos Da Rocha is concerned about the power cuts, he is, however, happy about how City Power has responded to these outages.

“City Power has been working around the clock to attend to all the outages. It has been hectic but they have made sure to respond quickly to cases and not leave residents without electricity for a long time,” Da Roche said.

Spokesperson for City Power, Virgil James said they are aware of the outage issues. “Vandalism and cable theft have been [some] of the major causes of the outages. But also during the winter season, the network experiences an overload because heaters are on which strains the cables and substations causing them to blow up,” explained James.

Da Rocha said he is pleased that City Power is addressing the ageing infrastructure and replacing substations.

James added, “We are currently addressing the ageing infrastructure but it will not happen overnight. It will happen over a period of years. We are currently busy replacing the copper cables with aluminium cables. The project will take time and we would like to ask residents to be patient and work with us.”

He further advised residents to unplug their appliances when there is a power outage and try not overload the network by turning on unnecessary appliances.

Da Rocha said, “I would like to thank my residents for their patience and working with me during these power outages. Using Facebook to communicate about areas that are affected has been helpful because you get to understand how far the power outage has affected the area.

“I would also like to ask the residents to continue being patient as City Power continues to work on these problems.”

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