Kensington Lions Club celebrates worthy milestone by feeding Bertrams community members

Kensington Lions: Lions Projects co-ordinator Rogini David, Brent Yun, Lions Secretary Natasha Tyler, Lions President Tracey Gibbs, Ruth Villani and Lions Treasurer Noreen Carpenter. Photo: Busi Vilakazi


Lions Clubs International, the largest service organisation in the world comprising 1.4 million volunteers, turned 100 years old on 7 June.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, all clubs within the organisation set out to successfully complete a charitable mission in the community – and one which centred around the number 100.

The Kensington Lions Club visited the Bertrams community members on 10 June and served warm meals to 150 people at Maurice Freeman Hall.

Details: Tracey Gibbs 073 405 3834.

Edited by Stacey Woensdregt

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Busi Vilakazi

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