Young leaders of tomorrow aim to change lives

Esther Mpandawana


Young Leaders of Tomorrow (YLOT) group started the #SuicideAwareness. The founders of the campaign are Msizi Koboka, Mncedi Koboka and Tebogo Kutu of Queens High School. According to the founders, the campaign started after they figured out that the topic of suicide has become taboo in society and is sometimes overlooked.

Sabelo Magudulela

The group involves youngsters at Queens High School. “We want to help make the youth aware of the impact and effects suicide has, not only on family members but on friends as well,” said Koboka. He said they want to be there for all the suicidal people and make sure they know that there are people out there who care and who would listen to their story without judging them.

Ann Liu

“We hope and aim to get this message across to a number of people, if not nationwide. We want to educate and empower the youth about suicide through this movement. As believed, prevention is better than cure, so, therefore, tackling the causes of suicide and helping those affected by it,” said Tebogo Kutu. The movement means everything to the founders. “We are passionate about change in our communities. This is just one of many movements we are hoping to establish. Helping out people is our greatest passion,” said Tebogo.

Msizi Koboka (co-founder)

The founders of the movement said they are going to plan some activities related to what they have started. “We have plans to make this huge,” said the founders.

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