JUST IN: 19-month-old child dropped out of vehicle

The 19-month-old girl who was dropped off yesterday after 8pm on Hawthorn Street in Kensington.

The Jeppe SAPS has confirmed that a 19-month-old child was rescued by a street guard after she was dropped out of a vehicle in Kensington yesterday.

The child was reportedly wrapped in a plastic bag. She was spotted by the guard when the bag she was in started rolling around.

Following her rescue, the child was handed to the Jeppe SAPS.

The Jeppe SAPS spokesperson, Constable Richard Munyayi, said a case was opened but would only give further details after a meeting with the investigating team.

It was reported on social networks that the child was found in Hawthorn Street yesterday afternoon.

More details about the story will follow.


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