Grade 11 learners ‘given a pass’ without passing

2013 Matric learners during the announcement of Matric results in January 2014. *File Photo

On Tuesday December 30, Eyewitness News (EWN) reported, “Some Grade 11 learners were promoted to matric without passing, the Department of Basic Education confirmed on Monday.”

According to EWN, this was done to prevent students from staying in one academic year for too long and the practice was not unique to South Africa.

Basic Education Department spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga told EWN that the promotions only applied to pupils who had been stuck at the same level for four or more years.

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“It’s something that we have taken from other countries but it’s also aimed at ensuring that we support learners,” he was quoted.

The Basic Education Department will release the 2014 matric results in the next few days.

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The department meanwhile says provinces are on target with the distribution of supplies to schools across the country.

Officials say there should be enough resources to cater for all pupils, based on projected pupil numbers for 2015.

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